Autumn Relaxation Ideas

As autumn rolls around it’s pretty common for a lot of us to get in a rut, or experience full on depression. As days get shorter the temperature drops and so does our mood.

Taking time to treat yourself as the new season sets in is a great way to feel rejuvenated, and also spend a day procrastinating! I’ve actually done a post about relaxation before, so for this one I’m going to be thinking more out of the box than the typical ‘have a bath and drink tea’ stuff.


Eat Good Food

Honestly I never feel quite as comfy on an autumn night as when I’m in PJs eating a fruit crumble and drinking hot chocolate. Good food can pretty much make or break a lazy day; if the pizza you ordered turns up cold and smushed well then that’s the night over. But if it turns up practically glowing from its radiance and beauty- then you’re on to a winner of an evening! 

Desserts are my favourite thing to indulge in during autumn and winter, apple crumbles are genuinely my life force at this point. If you’re a fan of baking or cooking then checking out Pinterest to find new recipes can be really calming.


Watch Films

Aside from the obvious Halloween films, there’s a bunch of films that feel autumny. Studio Ghibli films are my go-to for when the season changes. Kiki’s Delivery Service, Spirited Away, and Princess Mononoke and my current favourites. If you’ve not seen any of them before I’d highly recommend them.

Having a comfy day in bed with snacks, comfy clothes, films, and nothing else to do is pretty much the pinnacle of hunkering down for autumn. If I’m stuck for film ideas I use sites like Tastedive to find films similar to what I’m already interested in. I haven’t used the site in a while now, but it defielty used to be a satple for finding new media.


Organise Stuff

Organising my life and schedule always feels like the finishing touch of getting my shit together. I’m not talking about intense scheduling or anything, just tidying and making things look nice. Organising my bullet journal and setting intentions helps me to feel a lot calmer and in control when I’m stressed.

It doesn’t just have to be journals though! As the season changes organising your wardrobe or getting new HALLOWEEN autumn decor can be fun too. Nothing says ‘I almost have my shit together’ like matching throw blankets and cushion set.


Buy Something

So this definitely isn’t the most budget friendly option, howeverrr…it’s fun. Buying yourself something new that you know you’ll cherish is genuinely a really nice feeling and can make your day. You don’t necessarily have to go out and spend £1200 on a sofa (unless you want to)- a new book, or a hat can work just as well.

Today was the first time in months where I went out and bought stuff for myself without feeling guilty, and it was just nice. It might not be entirely in my budget but dropping the thoughts of ‘I can’t afford that’ or ‘I’m too broke for that’ was a relief. My bank account might be a bit worse for wear, but I for one am happy. Go and buy yourself something, just don’t go mad!

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