Dealing With Mistakes

  Over the past few months I've made a lot of mistakes, and the past 3 weeks have been pretty batshitcrazy in particular. We all make mistak ...


Stop Saying Sorry

  So many of us apologise consistently, and most of the time it’s for things that don’t even require an apology. You’ll catch yourself sayin ...

fucking moments

Moments From My Week

This is my first vlog-type video! I honestly don't usually have a very eventful week, hence why the vid is a quick one. Also I bake cookies and the re ...


Top 5 LGBT Films

  As a bisexual girl who practically grew up watching random films on the internet I've seen a lot of LGBT films. Queer cinema is a genre that I ...


I Said Yes for a Week

  If you've not read my previous post on this topic I suggest starting there! In that post I explain exactly why I decided to say yes to oppor ...


An Experiment!

Click here for my follow up post! Recently I discovered Yes Theory on youtube, they're bunch of guys who make videos about saying yes to life's wei ...