An Experiment!

Click here for my follow up post! Recently I discovered Yes Theory on youtube, they're bunch of guys who make videos about saying yes to life's wei ...


My Food Journey

  I've pretty much always had a very disordered relationship with food, it's been something really tough for me and has caused so many issues! ...


My Morning Routine

 I'm the sort of person who gets the most done when following a routine. By making the same decisions every morning I'm always performing at ...


Why I Quit Keto

The keto diet or lifestyle is where you eat almost no carbs, and a very high amount of fat. Once your body runs out of carbs it goes into ketosis ...

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Getting Started

So here goes!   Hiya, I'm M. I'm a 19 year old student living in London and I have a passion for a ton of things! I've been considerin ...