Choosing Happiness

I think that happiness can be choice. That’s not to say that it’s an easy choice, or one that doesn’t take a hell of a lot of work. But I think it’s a choice nonetheless.

Everyday we wake up and chose what to do with ourselves; whether we want to get out of bed or lounge around for hours. We chose what we want to eat, where to travel, whether or not to fulfil our obligations for the day. So I don’t think its all that odd that I view happiness as a choice too.

A lot of the time I honestly forget that choosing to be happy, or at least perusing happiness, is an option. I’ll just wallow around in sadness, and when people suggest doing something enjoyable I’ll shrug off the idea. As if even entertaining the idea of happiness is ridiculous. A lot of people are just naturally happy in life, but then there’s the rest of us that just…aren’t. For some of us, myself included, being happy takes time and effort.

Choosing to be happy is about allowing yourself to want better in life. It’s deciding not to self-sabotage or give up at the first sign of difficulty. For me choosing happiness is about getting up early, meditating when I’m trying my absolute best to avoid my thoughts, and doing tasks on my to-do list even when they feel pointless.

It’s not some glamorised version of life where I jet-set around the world and take skinny instagram photos in Bali. There’s nothing wrong with doing those things, but sometimes it’s easy to forget that happiness isn’t forced positivity or running away from your problems.

I’m going to chose happiness and productivity, and working towards my goals that might not even be my goals. But it’s better than nothing! And if it doesn’t work out I can probably just cry about it and start again anyway.

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