How To Action Your Ideas

If you’re like me then you’re the sort of person who has a million and one ideas, but actions very few of them. It’s not due to lack of trying, but more that there’s so many things you want to do. Luckily, I’m finally managing to action a lot more of my ideas, here’s how you can too.


My biggest piece of advice is to avoid over-planning. Once you’ve got an outline of what you want to do and how you’ll do it then that’s good enough. It’s so easy to ignore the fact that not everything will be perfect. We think that somehow if we plan just enough then we’ll finally be ready. Unfortunately, that isn’t how it works. You’ll most likely never feel ready or prepared enough! Sometimes you literally have to force yourself to stop planning, it’s tough but can be done.

Once you’re out of the planning stage you might hit a wall. If I spend all of my time focusing my efforts on a particular project then I get burnt out. Even if the project hasn’t started yet!  The problem is usually that I’ll have exhausted all of my energy coming up with a concept; so when I get round to doing it I have nothing left. There are two ways you can avoid this happening:

1.Better Time Management

This doesn’t have to be as excruciatingly boring as it sounds. When I say time management I don’t mean time for extra meetings and emails. If you’re getting burnt out then the time management you need to focus on is taking more breaks. You need to learn to recognise when you’re starting to feel depleted, or are causing yourself creative block. The solution? Have fun! No really, relax watch tv, take a fucking nap. Just switch off from work-mode for a bit.

2.Finding New Motivation

Okay so you’re already pretty good at time management but are still getting burnt out? Well then your problem is probably motivation…or a lack there of. Coming up with amazing ideas takes a lot of motivation, but when that beings to dry up then projects get put on hold. Finding inspiration can be done in a bunch of ways, but my go-to is usually film or music. Typically I find new motivation randomly, like finding a new favourite film or hearing a song that you instantly connect to. If you’re really in a pinch you can go out looking for it, but I find the best inspiration always comes to me.

Once you have your plan and have avoided any type of creative block then you need to actually do the thing. This calls for a lot of accountability. If you don’t hold yourself accountable for making something happen then no one else will. Sure, you can ask others to help with accountability, but if you don’t want to do something then you probably just…won’t. Accountability is the thing I struggle with most. I often get into downward spirals where I think being accountable for my own ideas isn’t actually important. But it is.

Although there will of course be other ideas and opportunities for you in the future you absolutely owe it to yourself to see your ideas through. Your next idea could literally change your life, but you won’t know unless you truly commit to it. I think there’s few things sadder than letting a good idea die, simply due to lack of self-confidence or accountability.

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