How to Be Body Confident

Many people struggle with being confident with their bodies, and women in particular face so many pressures about our appearance. It may have taken me a heck of a while but I’m finally super confident in myself. Here’s how I did it!


Wear What You Want

For a long time I dressed according to certain trends, or what I thought was conventionally pretty. Yes, it meant I would get complements but I still didn’t like the way I looked. It may sound really simple but dressing how I want to has massively helped me. My personality and style changes a lot, but instead of trying to fight it I now just dress according to how I want to. If I don’t like the vibe of an outfit, I try to find something that works.

Regularly buying new clothes obviously isn’t an option for tons of people (myself included), so learning how to DIY or customise clothes, or going to charity/second-hand shops helps with this.


Stop Worrying

This is a lot easier said than done. It used to irritate me so much when people would say to ‘stop worrying’ or not to care what others thought. People can be mean, especially when you’re young! My way to stop worrying is to stop idolising everyone else. We’re all just people after all, and having an anxiety attack before going out all the time was not helpful to me. Remind yourself that everyone else has worries too, and is just focusing on themselves!


Get Comfortable With Yourself

Wear clothes you’re afraid to wear, genuinely accept and believe compliments, expose yourself. Now, you don’t have to go around making porn (unless you want to), but exposing yourself to new experiences helps. Speak up more in presentations, flirt or make chit chat with new people, wear the bikini you’ve always wanted to! The only thing holding you back is yourself. Hate being naked because you feel ugly? (I’ve been there), well then chill out naked more. Before you know it you’ll start to like yourself, and your body more.


Don’t Compare

This one is the hardest. There will always be people to compare yourself to, but..don’t. Yes someone might be slimmer, or taller, or have smoother hair or whatever. But that doesn’t mean they’re better than you, or that you need to look like them. Catch yourself when you start comparing to others, or going out of your way to look like them. You can be confident in your own body unless you embrace your own body! It’s difficult, it’s scary, it’s sometimes annoying. But you are you, are focusing on how others look won’t help.

Stop comparing yourself to others and you’ll be on the way to loving and feeling confident in yourself!

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