3 Podcasts That Changed My Life

I’ve been listening to podcasts for 7 years now and have amassed literally thousands of hours of listening time. Over the course of the past 7 years there have been a few podcasts that have particularly changed my life. There are about ten in total, but the ones listed here have absolutely made me who I am today!


That’s So Retrograde

TSR is hosted by Elizabeth Kott  and Steph Simbari and covers wellness and woo-woo topics. This podcast is similar to others in the lifestyle category but I definitely find it to be further down the woo-woo/hippy side of things.

TSR was actually the very start of my wellness journey, one day I randomly searched ‘crystals’ on apple podcasts and an episode came up. (Long story, don’t ask). Since that first episode I listened to I’ve been hooked. Although I don’t listen to the show weekly anymore it’s absolutely still a touchstone for me when I’m feeling lost and need help in life.

Each guest the women have on is truly amazing, and while I don’t align with everything that say I can at least appreciate their insights. The show pretty much covers every wellness topic you could think of and Steph and Elizabeth are clearly super transparent about their passion for wellbeing. 

This podcast changed my life in the fact that it gave me the confidence and tools to not only decide to change my life, but also start this blog. It’s what brought me into the wellness community and made me notice what a difference can be made by something as ‘simple’ as interviews and conversations.


I Don’t Get It

I’ve been listening to I Don’t Get It since the very start, I remember Ashley posting the podcast in a fb group we were both a part of (for another podcast) and deciding to try it out. At first I didn’t actually find it all that relatable, the concept seemed kind of odd. and I thought the hosts were ‘shallow’. Let me confirm now that that is absolutely NOT the case. 

Lauren, Ashley, and Naz host the show weekly and talk about things they don’t get. The concept is pretty simple and the show often dives off the deep end with anecdotes about love, dating, cheesy romcoms, and guys. I’d say IDGI is my guilty pleasure but it’s not, I unapologetically love it. 

The biggest difference this podcast has between the others I follow  is how unbelievably open it’s hosts are. While all of the podcasts in this list involve hosts who’re connected to what they do, I Don’t Get It really stands out. I feel like each episodes draws us further into the women’s lives whether they’re exploring the ups or downs. Over the past few years they’ve really grown as people and had so many milestones in their lives. Listening to the podcast genuinely feels like we get to be there for the ride.


My Brother My Brother and Me

MBMBAM (prounced muh-bim-bam) is a show that’s seriously shaped my sense of humour. Unlike the other shows it isn’t a lifestyle or hippy podcast, but is simple fucking hilarious. Each week Justin, Griffin, and Travis McElroy discuss and answer Yahoo Answer questions. Yes, the premise is that simple. No, it really isn’t boring.

I first started listening to MBMBAM 4 or 5 years ago. At the time I pretty much primarily listened to comedy podcasts, and this one stood out. Honestly I’m not sure why I love it so much. The brothers have such wonderful chemistry and comedic timing that they can make just about anything seem funny. 

I love this podcast so much that I pretty much subscribed to the whole McElroy brand of work. I’ve watched their YouTube gaming videos, listened to their other podcasts, invested tens of hours of my time into their DND playthroughs, and found my favourite tv show (terrace house) through their podcasts.

In the past few years my sense of humour has definitely changed. Podcasts and shows I once thought were hilarious absolutely bore me to death now. But one thing that has been constant is the McElroy brand of comedy. It’s kind of like shitposting meets good-good memes, meets wholesome and fun content. If that sentence made no sense to you don’t worry, I’m aware it was extremely hard to follow.

No matter how shitty I may feel in life it’s nice to know that a certain horrifically niche brand of comedy will seemingly always manage to brighten my day. 

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