Making Time for Meditation


Meditation has so many benefits to your wellbeing, mind, and awareness. It can be quite difficult to pick up at first, so finding time to
fit it into an already busy schedule isn’t always a priority to us. But it should be.

If you’re someone who struggles to fit meditation into your routine, or doesn’t meditate enough due to your hectic lifestyle then here are some tips to help you make time to meditate.


1. Start Small

You don’t have to start off with 20 minute or even 10 minute long mediation sessions! If you only have an hour spare a day then take a few seconds (yes, seconds) out of your time to meditate. Start with slow deep breaths for 30 seconds. Done those 30 seconds? Well move onto a minute. Each day add another 30 seconds to your meditation time until you’ve reached what you deem to be your optimal amount.


2. Don’t Force It

Don’t worry you’re not the odd one out, meditation can be super difficult. If you keep losing focus then feeling like you need to start over, just stop for the day. If all you can do is a solid 2 minutes at a time then that’s fine! There are no rules to how long you should or shouldn’t meditate for. If your mind keeps wandering then don’t force it too much, you can just start afresh tomorrow.

3. Get An App

It’s 2018, meditation and wellness apps are super easy to come by! Having an app on your phone means that you’re reminded pretty often about meditation. Meditation apps often involve music to meditate to, a meditation timer/stopwatch and guided meditation if you want it. Even if you don’t use all of the features of the app having it on your phone or tablet screen is a sure way to remind yourself to meditate, and make it a part of your routine.

4. Plan It!

If you’re like me then your day goes best when you plan everything. By working meditation into your daily routine or plan then you make sure to actually do it; rather than following your plan and “maybe” meditating later. I meditate every morning after I’ve eaten, planning ahead means that I know exactly what time if day I’ll be practising and helps me to stay grounded.

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