How to Have a Relaxing Weekend


Weekends are a wonderful time to unwind and relax. For many of us it feels like we’re constantly busy, so making time to slow down can be difficult. Here’s my short guide to having a cozy & relaxing weekend in that can be by yourself, or with someone else! 


The first thing I start off with is candles. love candles! Until quite recently I was never much of a fan of them, but they really help me to chill the fuck out, plus they’re wonderful atmospheric light! If you’re not a fan of candles try incense, or even oil warmers. Relaxing in a candle lit room is so much better than a room with blaring lights.

You can’t be cozy without some sort of blanket! (Unless you live somewhere super hot). As it’s still winter I personally drag at least one duvet onto the sofa with me on relaxing weekends. If you don’t feel like hauling around a blanket perhaps just get some super comfy cushions! 



Once you’re all cozy with your candles and blanket(s) it’s time to bring out the snacks! At the moment I’m trying to stick with healthy snacks, so this weekend I’m going for gluten-free organic biscuits, and some popcorn! But hey, you don’t have to be super healthy about it. Grab your favourite snacks and tuck in as a weekend treat! 

Entertainment! The main event, my personal favourite is lounging around watching movies. As that’s more of an evening event I usually just start off with listening to my favourite podcasts before moving onto films! It doesn’t just have to be media though, you might want to read a book or play a board game. Whatever it is, your favourite entertaining pass time is definitely needed! 



To round off a relaxing day in I like to have a bubble bath. I fill the tub with Epsom salts, and bubble bath before lighting candles to really set the mood. A long soak in the bath is the perfect way to finish off your relaxing day and really helps you unwind! 


So that’s my guide to a cozy and relaxing weekend in!what do you do for your cozy days? 


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