Self Care and Mental Health


Self care is so important to our well being, and something we should all practice often. But if you’re in a bad place mentally it can seem like an enormous task to muster up the energy for self care. I’ve had my fair share of awful mental health so here’s some tips on how to treat yourself when you’re feeling like shit!



I find journaling to be a great way to explore your thoughts and develop your emotional intelligence. Having somewhere to write down whatever you’re thinking, work out problems you have, or even workshop ideas is great to clear your mind. Journaling regularly might seem like a massive task to undergo, so start small by writing a few times a week. If you feel stuck for something specific to write about then try morning pages: writing down whatever random thoughts that come to you in the morning.


Watch Your Favourite Film

If you’re spending a lot of time inside due to your mental health then you might as well make it a bit more fun, right? Watch your favourite film or start a new tv series you’ve been looking forward to. Distractions can’t be used all the time but having a positive break from life can be a great form of self care. If you’re more of a book person then reading serves the exact same purpose.


Vent to Someone

Whether you talk to a psychologist or just one of your close friends venting to someone is a great way to express your feelings. Being able to hear things from a different perspective and gain advice from others is always valuable in helping your situation. Something to keep in mind however is that your friends probably aren’t professionals. Whilst they can help and understand to an extent you can’t constantly unload your problems on them.


Get a Hobby

Find something extra to do and get a hobby. I’ll be the first to admit that I struggle to actually stick to hobbies once I’ve started, but I think that’s fine. When it comes to hobbies there really isn’t a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to do it. Whether it’s gaming, crafts, or a sport- hobbies are a great pass time and way to cheer you up. Hobbies that have specific end-goals give you something to work towards in the long term and get out of bed for!


Take time to Yourself

If you lead a super busy or hectic life it can be pretty easy to become overwhelmed with the pressure of it all. Making sure to stop, breathe, and take time for yourself is the key to self care! Being selfish can sometimes be great for you, sit back and focus on your own betterment rather than helping others. Even if it’s just for a few minutes a day taking any time to yourself can help you recharge and feel great.


Treat Yourself!

Still want some more specific ways to practice self care? Treating yourself can be done in so many ways! You can: have a bubble bath, do a face mask, eat your favourite food, buy some new clothes, go on a day trip, wear your favourite outfit, hang out with your favourite people, visit your favourite place, get that food you’re too worried about eating.

Do you have any specific ways you like to practice self care? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!

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