How To Take Control of Your Life


Feeling like you have no control over your life can be absolutely terrible! Everything feels like an uphill climb, like it’s you against the world. Despite what you may think, you don’t need to be swimming in cash or consistently positive to take control of your life. Here are some ways in which you can take control and start living the lifestyle you want!


Organisation is key

Organise your life, think of it as a massive declutter both physically and spiritually. Whenever I get overwhelmed taking time to organise my life makes me feel much more in control. On a physical level this means sorting through all of my crap, donating things to charity, and making sure I live in a clean and open space. This doesn’t mean you need to take up minimalism or anything, just reorganise your belongings. It can be as simple as tidying out a chest of drawers, or something more complex like decorating your living space.

On a more mental level I declutter by journaling and scheduling. Journaling is great for organising your thoughts and figuring out subconscious blocks you may have. Scheduling is a great tool for when your life feels hectic. Work out everything you need to do and start planning it out, day by day. I don’t schedule as much as I used to as often it feels too rigid, however the occasional scheduled day doesn’t do any harm!


Self Care

Taking care of yourself is invaluable. I recently wrote about self-care and mental health, so I won’t go too in depth here. But making sure to take the time to look after your mental and physical wellbeing has nothing but positive outcomes. Whether its meditation, taking a longer shower than usual, doing a face mask, or just taking time to yourself- making sure you have time to rejuvenate and replenish your energy will always benefit you.


Manifesting and Goals

You need to decide what you want in life, and work towards it. If you want to be an actor but you’re currently ‘stuck’ working a crappy minimum wage job, then you need to work towards it. Contrary to what so many people think that doesn’t mean you have to work your fingers to the bone to get there. Yes, you can ‘hustle’ to get somewhere in life, but you don’t have to.  By manifestation I don’t mean staying positive 24/7 and visualising a better life. On a subconscious level you need to align your self-worth with what you want. As brutal as it may seem, people with low self-worth often don’t get as far as they want to in life.

Some quick ways to start focusing on manifesting are by looking at the patterns of positive and negative reinforcement that you learnt in childhood. If you were taught that you probably won’t ever earn more than 20k a year, you’ll subconsciously block that financial success. When opportunities arrive you’ll feel undeserving of them, or that they’re fleeting. You’ll find some way to convinced yourself that you don’t really need or want them. You need to break away from old oppressive patterns of thinking in order to be able to manifest what you want in life.


Look at Your Diet

There is a lot of controversy around the way people eat. At the end of the day, you can eat whatever you wish to and shouldn’t be judged for it. However your diet does impact your life in a massive way, whether it be positive or negative. If you’re struggling with your energy levels throughout the day a good place to start is with your diet. Pay attention to what you’re eating and you’ll soon figure out what foods do or don’t benefit you.

This is different for every person so there’s no real guide to it! If you feel like your eating habits negatively impact your life it’s probably time to think about eating in a different way. Intuitive eating is a great place to start with this.


Manage Your Appearance

If you don’t like your appearance then you should do something about it. There are many ways to go about this, so it doesn’t mean making a rushed decision to get a BBL (Brazilian butt lift). You need to start by figuring out exactly what you don’t like about your appearance and why. For example if you don’t like your legs because someone used to make fun of them, then that’s a confidence and self-worth issue you need to work on. But if you don’t like the colour of your hair because you don’t think it fits your current look or personality, then that’s purely aesthetic.

If you want to dress or look a certain way then you should do it. That’s all there is to it really! You’ll feel better dressing how you want to rather than dressing to impress others. We often overlook our appearance as part of our life. But it’s how you literally see yourself, and how others see you. It can be a big deal. What may seem like a ‘small’ change can totally change the way you feel about yourself.


By looking how you want to, feeling organised, manifesting your dreams, and taking care of your emotional and mental health you can massively change your life. Combined they’ll help you to feel at ease and much more confident in how you live your life. In addition to that you’ll develop the tools to overcome any lack of control that you feel in the future.

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