5 Enriching Podcasts


I am a MASSIVE lover of all things podcast! I’ve been tuning into podcasts for years now and currently listen roughly 12 hours of them a week! It can often be a struggle to find podcasts that you can relate to, so here’s my current top 5 enriching podcasts!




Wonderful is a weekly podcast where the amazing hosts Griffin and Rachel McElroy discuss their favourite things that bring them joy. I’ve been listening to this podcast since it started in 2016 (originally a Bachelor podcast), and with them recently changing focus to talk about all things wonderful I love it even more. It’s such a turbulent time in the world right now, and spending an hour a week hearing about what people love really motivates me and puts me in a great mood!


Almost 30

Started by Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik a few years ago the Almost 30 podcast discusses everything from making money to spiritual healing and holistic nutrition. Interviewing weekly guests who are experts in their field I feel like there’s always a life lesson to be learned from this podcast, and many new healthy perspectives on life.



That’s so Retrograde

When I discovered this podcast I immediately loved the hosts Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari! For these two ladies talking about wellness is not about strict rules or regiments, and that’s something I love. Each episode they interview different people whether they be gurus, wellness instructors, or activists they all provide their perspective on living a healthy life. If you’re someone who feels restricted or confused by many wellness and spirituality guidelines this podcast is definitely for you!




I Don’t Get It

Ashley and Lauren Iaconetti paired with Naz Perez host this twice-weekly podcast where they discuss their ‘I don’t gets’. This isn’t your conventional ~positivity~ podcast but I still count it! The women are vibrant and hilarious as they discuss dating, social media, and sexuality in their 20s. Recently they’ve started a second weekly episode that focuses on interviewing people with jobs they don’t get. From pornstars to morticians they’re discussing it all, and it’s definitely something that brightens my day.




Risk isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s something that really opens my eyes to the world and let’s me understand life from other people’s perspective. Each episode of Risk is centered around a theme and will have 2-3 speakers tell a story based on the theme. Sounds pretty dull right? Wrong!

The stories are no-bullshit retellings of true events that have happened to people. Whether that’s discovering their sexuality at Kink Camp, stories about growing up, surviving abusive relationships, having a cannibalistic father or so much more. Risk is the sort of podcast you can pick up from any episode and really be enriched by the life lessons to learn. 

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