Why Only YOU Can Change Your Life

Self-help is everywhere nowadays. With courses, coaches, and creatives available it’s easy for us to forget just how important our own guidance is. At the end of the day only you are able to decide what’s best for yourself!


What works for a million other people might not work for you. This is something that I took a really long time to realise. Just because something is suggested by someone else that doesn’t mean that it will automatically work for you. We’re all individual and our bodies and lives each work differently. 

No matter what area you’re focusing on in your life trusting your own intuition and guidance is the best way to go. That inner voice telling you when something is right or wrong is there for a reason, listen to it! It might take you a hell of a long time to trust yourself enough to listen to your intuition, but it’s worth it.


Lived Experiences

Empathy is a great tool and part of what makes us so social as humans. But when we’re being realistic there’s only so far it can stretch. Even if someone is highly empathetic they don’t have the same lived experiences as you.

You’re the only person whose first-hand experienced your life, that makes you the #1 expert on it. Sure, you can get second-hand opinions all you want, and those can be genuinely helpful. But those people will never quite feel the same way you do. Having lived through your own highs and lows means that you’re more than capable to get through anything life throws at you. 


Different Perspectives

Not only do your experiences show your resilience but they also form your personality and world-view. If someone is giving you advice from a perspective that is completely different from yours then what they say most likely won’t resonate. Trying to live up to an ideal in order to follow someone’s guidance is nothing but unproductive. You know your life, and how to take control of it, much better than someone who can only vaguely relate.

Of course I’m not saying that new or different perspectives are bad. They help to broaden or worldview and make us feel connected to others. The issue lies in when people believe their own perspectives apply to everyone. We’re all individual. As much as others can give you a push in the right direction it’s you who has the power to change your life.


Your intuition, individuality, lived experiences, and perspectives make you you. At the core of changing your life you need self-belief and alignment. From those two things anything is possible as you’ll be your truest, most vibrant, self.

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